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  • Customer-Focused
  • Faster to Market
  • Full Business Model

The Lean Approach to Product Development

New product development requires strategic research, planning, organisation, and business model creation. We push the limits of what’s possible for fast creation and delivery of products tied to customers’ needs and our investor’s bottom-line.


Customer pain points drive all our products. They are validated before completion and get full customer input to development.

Faster to Market

The lean approach to product development results in fewer iterations and wasted resources for faster development and launch.

Full Business Model

Our complete business process takes solutions to consumer problems from idea to product to full business model that drive sales.

What We Do

We build innovative products for new experiences

There is a lot at stake when developing new products for e-commerce customers. We collaborate to help minimise the risks and increase the ROI on investments. In so doing, we develop complex and/or novel products with a lean approach that saves time from idea to launch.

But, we don’t only take a customer-focused and iterative approach to product development. We work from a clean slate and do complete end-to-end product development from scratch.  This includes developing branding, market positioning, and selling – a comprehensive and distinct business model for each product we create.

To date, we have developed and own a range of consumer products sold via e-commerce platforms, including remote working solutions, sports products, and home working out equipment.


What Is Our Process

Customer-driven agile product innovation & development

Whether it’s new products or features, our lean approach includes our customers in the process. It ensures there are market demand and uptake of the final product before completion.

Open communication and research of end-users/customers allow for feedback and faster iteration to the final product. This enables us to respond to changes faster and develop new products and services that address our target customers’ problems.

The Agile Commerce Process:

  • Market Research. We conduct in-depth market research that allows us to match products to market needs. This starts with understanding and identifying the common pain points that customers face and which no one has solved.
  • Solution Determination. We create a hypothesis for a product or enhanced features to resolve consumer pain points.
  • Prototype Development & Validation. Using a lean process, we quickly design a prototype or design as a hypothesis. We then test it with customers to validate the solution before product creation.
  • Product Development. After market validation, we manufacture the final product, iterating as we go with user testing and input. Once we are happy with the product following focus group sessions and positive feedback, we test the market via low volume production.
  • Brand Building. Each product is branded around the customers’ needs/problems. We develop social media strategies that support the messaging and uniqueness of each brand offering.
  • Launch to Market. We focus on e-commerce platforms that get the final product into the hands of consumers the fastest way.
Agile Commerce Process

Tried, Tested, & Proven Process

We use our agile mindset to our own success

Our process has been effectively tested over numerous lucrative product development projects.

It has led to Agile Commerce owning, within its first year of operation, three trademarks and a patented product, all for solutions tied to solving customer pain points. We used our process to create a distinct brand and business identity for each product. Then we developed the e-commerce platforms to get the products into our target customers’ hands.

As part of our system, we’ve found that the best creative ideas are uncovered when you bring people together and work collaboratively. And that’s part of the secret to how we’ve been able to achieve our ongoing successes in product development.

Why Our Process Works

We solve e-commerce customer problems with customised products

From basic usability issues to complex problems, we develop products to solve these issues to increase customer satisfaction.

To do so, we follow a comprehensive process that focusses on analysis and customer feedback. Then we use creative ideation stages for new features with customer validation throughout the process, so the final product has market demand and customer buy-in before launch. Finally, we craft a branding and digital marketing strategy and take care of the launch.

Our process and approach allow us to shift direction quickly. We can capitalise on changing trends and create better products that directly solve consumer problems.

  • It reduces time from concept to completion.
  • It saves valuable resources.
  • It meets consumer demand and solves their pressing problems.
  • Our approach results in on-time developments within budget.

Who We Are

The agile product development firm forging successful collaborations and partnerships

Agile Commerce Limited is a safe space for investors to place their trust, and a reliable partner for suppliers looking to build lucrative partnerships.

The Agile team of creative talent and product specialists make it a habit to conceptualise, develop, and bring highly successful products to life. Built on a foundation of B2B agile coaching, we’ve taken the philosophy and adapted it to our benefit and those of our partners.

Every day we work on creating the next innovative product to solve customer problems. Our processes embrace change and technological advancements which have led to trademarked and patented products in different categories, each under separate, distinct brands.


Why We Do This

A Lean Philosophy that supports e-commerce business growth

We’ve seen how inefficiencies have limited company growth. We’ve noted how ‘anti agile’ processes have resulted in projects that overrun their budgets and deadlines. Wasted time, resources and lack of a detailed process have derailed business growth outcomes.

That’s why we have adopted a lean philosophy to solve consumer problems because we know it works.

Not many product development firms can boast a lean philosophy packaged in an agile framework. But we combined the best of both worlds for a creative process that delivers products our target markets love.

Why Our Partners Choose Us

Relationships built on trust and successful collaborations

We believe the best results come from people bringing their creativity and collaborating towards an outcome.

With each product development initiative, we develop long-term, strategic partnerships with our suppliers and investors.

Our suppliers and partners, ranging from factories, designers, and project managers, appreciate our collaborative and agile approach to new product development. This allows us to consistently meet consumer demand for our products and maintain a stable supply chain for long-term success and even better ROI.

Our team is trusted by our investors looking for profitable market opportunities that produce high-demand products that deliver on their promise. They embrace our lean philosophy and process to product development that gets ground-breaking products to market faster.

Relationships built on trust and successful collaborations

Agile Commerce for Sustainable & Profitable Partnerships

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